The Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketing

How Facebook Marketing and Promoting Can Be Dangerous

Some people may think that facebook  retargeting is not at all any big deal for them. Think about what implication it could make to you if you woke up one morning jus to find out that you cannot log into your Facebook account. That can be really sucking to anybody. That will mean that you can no longer access your long friends list again and that you automatically loose contact of those people you had been communicating with. That would be really bad. If you play down the fact that you could get your Facebook password hacked thinking that you will just have to open another account, think about what it would mean if the hacker got all your personal accounts information through your Facebook account.


Many are the times that you often use the same passwords for most personal accounts. This has proved to be quite dangerous in the past account hacks that have been reported. The cyber-crime reports have had cases all over the globe with claims of hacked bank accounts just because the hacker facebook advertising tools and they use it to get to all other personal accounts.

There are high profile hackers who have been facebook programs accounts of government officials and other major corporations. This goes hand in hand with other security breaches that may cause fatal implications in these institutions. Some of these dangerous hackers have many other reason that lead them facebook other than just getting bank accounts. This can also happen to you. Nowadays, hacking has become even more sophisticated. These are people who will use tricks that get even the most cautious Facebook users. Hackers often use scams and other malicious links that regularly pop up no your Facebook page. Some time back when Facebook hacking was not so common, these people would use hacking tricks like advertising some pleasing commodity or a company. You could see a “friend” IM on your Facebook page claiming that he or she has seen your profile and is interested in your friendship. Some will also claim visiting the US or Europe and got to lose their travel passport for instance.

How You Can Avoid Being Victim of Facebook Hacking

It has been found that the most common hackers will hack facebook accounts to get your other personal information and sometimes the rig your Facebook account to send out spams and load viruses. Make sure you have strong passwords to avoid this. You should always make sure you log into your Facebook account in the genuine pages. This way you will avoid being cheated by phishing. Make sure you often change your Facebook passwords and choose strong security questions. Don’t choose the common questions that can be easily guessed.

Always make sure you have different passwords for different personal accounts. This will make it hard for hackers to link to other accounts. Passwords are personal. You should not let your Facebook password be known by other people including your close friends. You also need to mind what personal information you provide in your Facebook. This way, you will not be the next victim to have your Facebook account hacked.

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